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BUFO YOGA seeks to combine the SACRED with MOVEMENT

by connecting with the LIGHT WITHIN,

sharing WISDOM, ancient RITUALS and techniques and

loving COMPASSION towards LIFE.


Who's this retreat for?

If you are a human-being resonating with the following, this is YOUR retreat:


You look for a vacation with lots of movement, beach, healthy food and relax-time?

You want to dive into Mixed Movement Yoga and deepen your practice?

OR: You have no experience, but are eager to learn something new?

You want to be free to schedule your day even though there is a set program?

You want to connect to other people without having the feeling you MUST?

You look for an opportunity to step away from everyday life and focus on yourself?

You don't look for a guru, but for inspiration?



Save your spot here!

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About me

Since a very early age I was interested in the mysteries and meaning of life. I've been keen to explore the truth since times immemorial and found myself struggling through my teenager years, seeking to find a purpose in this world.

Travelling and getting teachings from all around the world then made the biggest part of my young adult life. Different languages, native people’s cultures and  sacred rituals have since been of outmost interest for my wisdom seeking spirit.

I found myself meditating in the Himalayas, drinking sacred brews in the Amazon, participating in toad venom rituals in the jungle and practicing Yoga in some of the most beautiful places of this amazing planet, we all call home.


For many years I didn’t know how to share my knowledge, wisdom and personal qualities with likeminded people and found myself trapped between knowing it all and not knowing at all.
After having started almost all sorts of studies at University I then finally found a subject that really interested me from the core of my heart

- South Asian languages and cultures, where I graduated in the main subjects Sanskrit, Nepali, Tibetan and Indian philosophy.

I started to work as a language teacher - a profession that over the years taught me precious skills for teaching and touched my heart on many levels, but never really satisfied my spiritual being.

That was until I found my way to the Sonoran Desert in Mexico, where I got introduced to the powerful sacred medicine of the Seri tribe

- bufo alvarius.

Since, I know that ALL of my creations are hyper worthy and meant to be brought to the world, bringing together a beautiful tribe of people, having their hearts full of unconditional love and endless trust.

Bufo and Yoga changed my life forever and I will put all my effort into sharing these experiences.

Because, I truly believe

that we all are saved only by love -

love for ourselves, love for eachother and the love we pour into the work we are being called to share.

Sharing knowledge is my dharma and since

I graduated in Indology and Buddhist Studies at University, I want to pass on my Sanskrit skills to all those who would like to understand the language and philosophy behind their yoga practice.

It is also my dharma to share with YOU the effects of a daily yoga & meditation practice, because I know how much it changed my life for the best possible version and how it can positively affect YOURS.

I am a full-time yoga teacher since several years having completed many hundred hours of Yoga Teacher Trainings including Ashtanga, Iyengar, Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, Aerial Yoga, elements of Synergy Yoga. However, dirst and formemost I am inspired from Budokon Yoga.

Movement of body AND mind literally saved my life and I am here to take you on the journey to the center of your BEING - your HEART. Through MOVEMENT.


In my twenties, 15 years ago, I started to fall in love not only with Yoga but also with martial arts - especially with the Brazilian art of Capoeira. 

A rhythmic Brazilian fight-dance game with acrobatics and a lot of mobility.

Capoeira is an expression of freedom and in this sense each capoeirista is given a name that expresses his/her personal character.

Mine is Fia Sonora  - "The daughter of the desert".

Yoga and Capoeira are both ways of expressing inner and outer feelings through movement.

One goes more inward, the other more outward.

Both are important because the inner is reflected in the outer.

That's why I combine the experiences and insights from both systems in my Mixed Movement Yoga sessions to a holistic yoga style.

My classes are a fusion of tradition and modernity, of philosophy and science, of the spaces within us and the spaces around us.


Yoga & Movement sessions with me are unleashing, liberating and sometimes challenging, while never overstraining your capacities.


Fluid, playful, powerful, feminine and soft  - always in order for you to grow past your own limitations and expand your consciousness about yourself and others - the inner and the outer world.

Knowing that they both are actually the same.

Above all, it's about finding your own bodily expression - experiencing EMBODIMENT through MOVEMENT while at the same time grounding and finding back to SELF.


 This is Me - fia. 



Image by Jake Weirick
Image by Ashley Batz


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Image by Sonuj Giri


Image by Steve Halama

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